2011 Honda CB1000R Review

Thursday, February 26th 2015. | Honda

Honda CB1000r is the sport motorcycle with engine capacity of 998 cc, motor integration streetfighter type. Honda CB1000R has a configuration of fuel to create a dynamic, high-performance motorcycles. Honda CB1000R is equipped with advanced technology features a tachometer, which serves to read the instantaneous engine speed (multisegmen) dates back room and swept the area. Honda CB1000R has a very nice bodywork.

In the mechanical part as head of magnesium ACG cover. 2011 Honda CB1000R Mono-Backbone using gravity casting (GDC), aluminum frame. His goal is to combine the machine as a member. This design has led to more strong bike handling, smooth response and quick changes of direction.
Engine from Honda CB1000R is a modified version of the 2007 CBR1000RR engine that can produce around 125 bhp (93 kW). Suspension inverted front fork that was the size of 43 mm (1.7 inches). Honda CB1000R shock is Monoshock with gas-charged HMAS damper with 10 steps.

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